Autonymy refers to the the actual expression which refers to the letters ‘Tokyo’ rather than the city. But this is different to Saussure’s concept of ‘Tokyo’ referring to the signifier where the it is contrasted to the concept or signified. The discussion with autonymy is similar to a Millian general term or name which refer to objects without a connection to a concept, a link between signifier (name) and object seem to be.

Being is a process

Being is a process. Objects existing is therefore a process. But whether an object is being or becoming, it requires material. If we disregard the material there is nothing to be. Object, space and time (process) are fundamental.

The process of being

An object is characterized by the process of being, that is, it has the qualities of temporality and spatiality. One can ask the question of when and where about an object. This is not possible of a mental or conceptual “object” except for asking when and where the processing of conceiving this “object” took place. Conceptual objects stay within the process of conception.


I am this physical thing in awareness and relation to other physical things.

Some physical things are just in relation to other physical things. Others have awareness as I do.



That which is a process in something called the brain, the mind, the spirit or the soul is the concept. Strictly speaking it is a process and not an object even though we reify it. This is the heart of OMT, the complete and utter ability to noun-ification properties (processes, qualities and relations). To deal with properties we must always deal with objects to which the supervene to.

The interfaces to reality

The interfaces to reality, the physical objects of the world, are the concepts and symbols, the experience, the Saussurean sign, the nominal tag, the semiotic object, and the potentiality and lost potentially of being and language.

Absolutely Relative

Thinking about absolutes is a relative thought that does not make relativity disappear.