Hello world

A philosophy blogger/online acquaintance and I have been having long discussions about our philosophies on and off for about a year now, maybe more. We come from very different philosophical backgrounds.

I started philosophy with some light readings into Western philosophy in my teens but turned to Zen Buddhism even though I was in a Catholic school as a non-Christian. In college, I took a gap year and entered a Zen temple in Japan to become a lay monk. After that, I began reading Japanese Literature back in college. Writing a paper on Yasunari Kawabata with deconstruction as my philosophical base. But these days I use a lot more Wittgenstein, Kant and cognitive linguistics theory in my thinking.

I will let Philosophical Hack write his own bio (link when available).

This blog came about as I thought about PH and my talks with him in the comments section of posts we had made. They got out of hand in terms of readability. Previous comments were hard to trace back to. Something had to be done. In a way, we both have our influences, “our prisons” so to speak, hence, the URL handle theoretical convicts. Extending from this got me to prior convictions, a collocation (I am a corpus linguist by trade) that links to prisons again but also to our philosophical jails.

I hope this blog will lead to better places in our understandings, regardless of whether they converge, diverge or just run parallel.