A philosophical route

A route is a path. There are two routes in philosophy.

A route, is also a retreat.

One either has faith, or one doubts. But often enough, people think they are not having faith when they are doubting. But most often through their doubting they are really just upholding faith.

Faith is that which is already informing one to what they can possibly know.

The operation of faith is based in offense. In our modern times, the basic offense of what we can call conventional philosophy is known as contradiction.

In this way, the modern religion is based in A foundational theological tenant that we call reason.

Reason upholds the modern faith in reality by rejecting contradiction. Modern identity is founded in moving the other direction once contradiction is found. Contradiction defines the limit of subjectivity.

We call a known thing which has parameters, and object.

If we can define one parameter, we have found the beginning of an object, because all we need is one fact of an object and that necessarily leads to all the facts which constitute an object.

All of the facts are what is knowable.

Because we know that the subject of reason rejects contradiction, we know one parameter of the modern subject.

Because we know one parameter, one fact of subjectivity, one true thing which establishes the modern subject in the real world, we likewise know that subjectivity is an object that we can know.

The difficulty in understanding this kind of knowledge is founded in a theological tenant that we know as philosophical phenomenalism, or what we could call the phenomenal subject. The modern subject becomes fully defined once the postmodern Version of phenomenalism arises.

When we see that the postmodern subject is really the completion of the modern theological subject, then we have all the information we need to begin to understand the object of the subject.

The two routes is the way that we understand a subject, as an object.

It doesn’t matter what one believes about a situation. What we find of the subject, by its parameters, is true, despite subjective knowledge. Because only subjectivity concerns belief, and belief is that by which subjectivity is upheld in faith.

Language, or an orientation upon discourse in particular, is the means by which the theology of the subject Upholds the modern religious faith. Faith is that which grants reality, because it is operating to inform us what we are able to think and know.

Philosophy arises in simultaneity as a thrust forward, and as a retreat. The view which sees a choice in how to proceed, is always a move forward, a real move. Hence the reason which finds truth is retreating.

Never do we stay in place. And, only on reality do we have a position.


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