objects, words, mind, things

There are two things I do as this kind of being – I think and I interact with the world in the world. Without thought, and without the world and being inside of it I will not be interacting with it. I would be “doing something else”. But clearly this “something else” (if it exists at all) has nothing to do with here, not part of this being, so therefore irrelevant.

Within chess the chessboard seems to be the entire reality. It is not. While the action is there, this, itself is within a larger reality. And that is within a larger reality still until we reach “the largest reality”.

This isn’t about God. Religion is a mind-object (not a thing but a concept) within a particular thing-object (the human being). We know God and religion as only word-object and mind-object. We mistake that there is a corresponding thing-object.

I am not saying there is no God or religion but that they – as word-objects and mind-objects – manifest themselves differently to thing-objects. We must deal with them according to their characteristics.