Touché !

🤘🏾😄Let me see how I can answer the question before…

On one hand, I am a person like any other. I must behave like any other, and indeed I do, without much difficulty. I eat, I shit, I have opinions.

On another hand, When someone needs help digging a ditch, the nature of sin never comes into play. I simply am a ditch digger, a neighbor and maybe a freind.

If we start discussing the nature of knowledge while we are digging, then I am a philosopher ditch digger. Or a ditch digger doing philosophy .

If a Christian is worried about whether they Will goto hell, and if they are very concerned and desperate, then I have nothing to say about Wittgenstein or Sartre to them; such intellectualisms are phantoms of fantasy, meaning less than the substance of the air for my breakfast. Unless, of course, I am I philosopher in the morning as well.

The manner I am involved with people is what I am then. Perhaps.

When there is no one around, I disappear into the recesses of the whole universe, simply becoming the universe itself.

Very Sartrean.

So, yet, what I say about what is, or what I may be, ultimately depends on who I am talking to and under what conditions.

But this is not how everyone is. Some people have souls. And some people are only biological entities which are able to be separated out from the universe.

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