…and yet

You actually were asking the question about philosophy. How sometimes I might be talking about philosophy and sometimes it might be about doing about counseling, and yet philosophy is the main thing, or something like that, I forget.

I suppose I can say this because when I am alone everything makes sense. Not only that, but it makes total sense. The sense that it makes is so sensible that it has to be true. It is so sensible truth that no matter what anyone says to me when I’m not alone, the truth of it is that there is reality when someone would say something.

And yet when I encounter people, whatever that truth is, it Hass to be set aside. It utterly disappears. And yet when I’m alone, I account for that disappearance in the totally sensible truth. And so really as soon as I have to talk to someone, I have to talk to them in a certain way, about certain things that they bring up in the context of our conversation. Even if I bring up something first, ultimately I have to cater what I say to what they are saying, to what they mean, because what I mean is totally falling away with every sentence that I say in the attempt to explain to them what I might mean. Ultimately if I’m going to explain what I mean to someone, I am really just saying some thing that makes sense to them, and not so much what I mean.

In order for us to come to any sort of agreement, I have to speak in a way that makes sense to someone else. I am just not telling them anything about what I mean, rather, what I really mean is just somewhere to start, but the end is really what makes sense to them. Because I’ve left the truth of the matter far behind by what I meant when I started.

And then when I’m alone again, all of it makes sense.

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