Truly, the last man on earth?

If I were utterly alone in the woods, say, up in the mountains somewhere or out in the middle of the desert somehow.

Reality and subjectivity

What can it be to be “utterly alone” without a back history? How did you get there? Where are your parents. You have had no contact with “others” until that point?

This thought experiment is flawed in that you have not taken into account of time – past, present and future.

I am not worried about whether you have chosen to isolate yourself from others or not. You are not a Biblical Adam dumped into a reality a midpoint. You are a being with past, present and future.

This isolation is not without a causal reality. You may argue for it. You may argue for a solipsism. But the existence and actions, see or unseen, do not make it more or less because of observation.

If observation is everything then whatever you may choose reality. But since we share a physical reality we work within it, along it limitations.

That is to say, I am accounting for a consciousness within and physical reality. What you seem to be suggesting is the opposite – a consciousness without regard to (or independent to) the physical reality.

I will say, no, there is no such a consciousness which is independent of reality.

Again, I will take into account that there may not be someone over the horizon. The chances are though if I travel far enough they will be there. I have met people to be sure. To make the effort to go all the way into the forest to hide from them is an act of knowing their existence in-itself. But the act of going into forest does not make them disappear as such.

10 thoughts on “Truly, the last man on earth?

  1. You can test both the physical reality and the conceptual mind. The description you give stops at perception without returning back to sensation. The difference found between the physical reality and conceptual mind is what is added by the mind.


  2. Lol. Or it’s opposite: How do you know that the subjective projection is not itself instigated by the object? Or a part of its ontological imperative ?


  3. You are not able to, and that is fine. The object which motivates the representation is all that is needed.

    We are using the term “projection” differently. I use projection to mean qualities that are perceptively added to the thing from qualities that are purely sensed.


  4. “I will say, no, there is no such a consciousness which is independent of reality.”

    Ok. What is happening then? Or put the other way: how it is that a subject is able to isolate itself to find a “false” reality?


  5. My rebuttal to the essential duality is: how are you able to discern what the difference between subjective projection. And the stable object? What feature of knowledge? What specific indicator or mechanism ?


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