Again, how did get you from monism to one big clump?

You still haven’t answered the question.

Reality is of things, space and time. That is material monism. This explanation is that only physical objects exist.

Now I have been very, very patient. I have allowed for you to keep your position, for we all have our reasons. I will entertain your position. I do not feel the same fairness that has been offered to you.

As I have explained, I do not feel the mind or consciousness is a necessary part of the explanation for this ontology.

So when you say I am not referring to anything that exists I am not sure what you mean.

If it’s just something that we just talk about, then what’s the point of calling it a monism if it’s not referring to anything that actually exists?

What is the “it” to which you are referring to? Mind? Words? Matter? There are three instances of “it” in this statement. Are they referring to the same thing, or separate things?