One big clump?

Define one big clump. How did the suggestion of monism lead to one big clump? If anything, the non-discrimination in OOO of objects of the mind fits …

One big clump?


If everything is actually derived or rides upon, or however you want to put it, some fundamental unitive basic thing, what is holding everything apart from one another?

And if there is some thing that is holding things apart from one another, how is that thing which is holding things apart, allowing things that are apart from each other to behave as if they are individual objects?

If there is a oneness into which or out of which everything has come from or must go to or depends upon, what is holding everything apart such that we cannot agree upon what this one thing is?

Well one day somebody come upon this truth of the unity in the whole universe will cease to exist because everyone will finally understand this great and wonderful one thing that the universe actually is something?

I’m not really sure how to phrase what you mean. Maybe you can speak about it a little bit differently.

Is monism actually talking about some thing that is supposed to exist objectively, or is monism just something that we talk about?

If it’s something that is supposed to exist actually, then my question goes to what is holding everything apart?

If it’s just something that we just talk about, then what’s the point of calling it a monism if it’s not referring to anything that actually exists?

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