Question of the essentiality of duality

I do not believe one can say that duality is essential. There is all possibility that reality is a monism, specifically a physical one. Why I say …

Question of the essentiality of duality


The fault of your proposal is shown in that everything does not collapse into one big clump.

Obviously, regardless of what science points to, it is not the case, Becuase obviously science is pointing —- one thing is pointing to another thing: two things. There may be one thing under it all but apparently it is not being very effective at it being one. Since everywhere around us, and the fact that we can only speak about it as unitive, Is through an implication of more than one.

And it’s funny how everyone has an opinion on just what this one unitive thing may be or how it appears.

Just as an answer to “God’s existence”: Which god are you talking about?

So we should be compelled into asking “Which Unity are you talking about ?”

How long must we talk about this unity before everyone agrees what it is?

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