Truly, the last man on earth?

If I were utterly alone in the woods, say, up in the mountains somewhere or out in the middle of the desert somehow. Reality and subjectivity What …

Truly, the last man on earth?

Ok. Maybe this is a better way to comment upon our various posts. Let’s see how this works.

First of all I have to say That this goddamn block WordPress editor is fucking stupid. Every single time I go to do a post I start off doing the post and then I push enter and then it goes to a new fucking block. And then while I’m editing in that block the latter part of the block disappears into nowhere land until I push enter again and then I can see what I published or what I typed. so if then there’s a typo then I have to go into the previous block etc. etc. so I’m already pissed off. So then I just have to go into HTML and I have to delete the stupid WordPress code about the stupid fucking block editor. So there’s my venting. I feel better. And the thing is I already went on the website and changed it so it should come up classic editor whenever I start a post. But it doesn’t ever , not once, and if I go back into my WordPress site, it says that all posts should automatically be in the classic editor. I utterly hate technology and I will be super glad when I leave this world and never have to deal with it again.Whew!! So therapeutic. LolOk. Moving on…

My last response didn’t really ever answer your question or really what you proposed in this post here

So let me try again…

I think the original kind of line everybody all went like this:

How can I say that at some times I’m talking about philosophy, but then other times I’m talking about counseling, and yet I’ve said that everything falls under the umbrella of philosophy.

And my answer to that was:

1) On one hand I’m just a person like any other person. I wake up in the morning. I drink some coffee. I go to work, a council some people. I try to help some people maybe… Whatever, yes.

This particular activity has nothing to do with my philosophy on things. There is not a moment, not one single moment in my whole day where subjectivity ever enters into any sort of action that I’m having with people at all. The idea that we are shaping our lives through discourse somehow, or that reality is manifested through discourse, any sort of philosophical consideration that I have of things maybe might enter into the reality of the situation, hmmm, maybe if I’m lucky five minutes in my eight hour day, if I find some sort of avenue to talk about that particular philosophical thing.

My point here is that there’s nothing that is lying underneath my day. It is only win something that has to do with philosophy comes up does then what I have to talk about philosophically have anything to do with what’s happening. 

The only thing that’s happening is that I am involving myself with this person and trying to help them in the way that I’m being taught at school, in the way that I experience them and in the way that I engage with them, and problem solve in a counseling style at that moment, say.

Whatever I think about the nature of ultimate existence and reality and whether objects actually exist or subjectivity is projecting onto objects, 100% has nothing to do with my day. Zero. There’s absolutely nothing at all that is happening underneath that situation. The situation is utterly practical, person to person, every day life. I’m a counselor, this person is having some issues in their life that they’ve come to my hospital and I am involving were involved with them in some manner of trying to help them. That’s it.

Ok. That’s one thing that’s happening.

2) I am at home and now I am writing about counseling and object oriented ontology, say. Here, I am doing philosophy and counseling. But I’m doing more kind of philosophy of counseling, and Innoway, because I’m really not counseling anyone except some sort of idea or imagination I have kind of carried over from the day or from my various speculations on mental issues or whatever, and my ideas on philosophy, whatever they might be.

But for sure, I’m not counseling anyone. I’m not engaging with anyone. If I’m engaging with anyone it’s just some sort of idea about some sort of group or crowd of people that might be interested in this, but it is utterly Speculative. It’s just some fantasy that I making up in my mind in order to write against, so to speak. Some sort of object that I kind of hold up in front of myself to thereby put symbols or lay symbol down in front of that altar of ideas, so to speak.

3) now when I think of the nature of reality, or not reality, or materialism, or substance or causes, etc. I am involved with philosophy. Everything that is happening along that particular line is philosophical and really doesn’t carryover into my life at all. That is, except in those fleeting minutes in which I might find an avenue to talk about Philosophy with someone, or if it happens to come up in the contacts of counseling.

But there isn’t philosophy that’s being held underneath some sort of actual situation of me interacting with this person. Whatever I’m talking about in philosophy does not inform my interactions in counseling. If simply by virtue of the fact that no one knows what the hell I’m talking about if I was to talk philosophically with them.

4). And yet philosophy is that which encompasses the whole universe Becuase it explains the truth of what is occurring in all instances, albeit, only at certain moments. That is the irony of subjectivity: that it is yes and no, under particular conditions

Yes: I agree. Objects limit subjectivity. But phenomenologcally speaking, it always concerns the subject and nothing else.

But given the totality which is subjectivity,

It is just as sound to say that subjectivity has no subjective component; which is to say, that it is entirely determined by objects.

And, that it is thus the nature of subjectivity to bracket off reality to allow for a subjective space a freedom.

If we can admit this, notice that freedom itself is limited and defined by necessary relations between objects, then we can also begin to reckon that the subject is and object of the universe just like any other object. And that all objects have intension that is not human intension. Etc…

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