Ok. Let’s see if I can be clear about what I’m saying. Then maybe our conversation will be a little more productive at this point. 1. The names we … …


I will disagree.

True, you can approach the reality non-linearly but that is only what the mind can do and that is not necessarily true as well.

The non-linearity actually occurs in linearity. The mind only deceives itself to believe it is not.

To you, it is not self-deception. To me, it is. the act of non-linear reality occurs in linear reality. Non-linear thinking can do so by ignoring linearity.

An example is that the situation you description here. The time spent in the forest you have discounted the happenings of the city. It becomes, in your words, a fantasy. In those twenty years you stayed away from the city you have a kept a static memory in you mind. This is an act of atemporality.

All the whole the city had changed into something else, perhaps worse, perhaps better. It doesn’t matter. But in the act of atemporality you have kept the memory as a still image, never to entertain that it has its own continued existence.

Non-linearity is therefore a wilful thought process and not in anyway in tune with the process of reality. At the same time, the this non-linear thought itself had been a twenty process in-itself.

The only place atemporality and non-linearity occurs is in the mind as thought. And thought itself occurs within a linear reality.

Suffice it to say I do not get through my day on non-linearity but linearity even if non-linear thought occurs throughout this duration.

5 thoughts on “Non-linearity

  1. But the perfect example is that as a counselor, I am there entirely for the other person. My philosophical thoughts about what the nature or fundamental truth of the universe is never comes in to play. And thus the only way anyone could say that there is some thing that is functioning underneath it all is to impose that upon my situation . It is a failure to acknowledge that what is occurring between me and the client is falling entirely outside of another’s ability to reckon, no matter how they want to describe the “actual truth“ of what is really going on.

    Because of this basic fact, I’ve practical and truthful application, of opening oneself into the other, whatever ideas I might argue philosophically about what might be the case, the utterly disappear in actuality and utterly within whatever sort of the universe anyone would want to posit. And to say that, no, what is happening is XYZ in the mind this that the other, is merely to impose a phenomenological reduction upon some thing which is a rising entirely outside of Its field.

    And this, this kind of imposition is what we call colonialization. It is what we call oppression. And then we can get into all this is Jack in analysis of social commentary and psychology if we wanted to.

    But again, it would have nothing to do with what is going on between me as a counselor. It arises utterly and physically empirically phenomenologically separate, as a separate thing that is actually there in the universe.


  2. … but this is why I say that whatever I think philosophically has nothing to do with counseling or what I do in my day. For the exact reason that you gave at the end of your comment here.
    Because the two things arise side-by-side next to each other. Related to each other in someway, but that relationship always has to do with objects in the field or vicinity or next to what is happening.

    I think I’ll send you my paper and you can read it when you want. Because I think I say pretty clearly there what I would say here, but I don’t really want to. 🙂


  3. So, as I say, we have two routes upon things. What is correlational identifies the kind of approach you are advocating.
    It is not wrong. It just is, as a feature of the actual universe. You are actually thinking that way, your thoughts and ideas are indeed occurring in the universe in that very manner, discursively, mentally, neurologically, ontologically, physically, imaginarily, in fantasy, with reference to things that aren’t true… in fact, the universe is containing all those aspects that’s going on.


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