The thing or the name and the concept?

You have a cow and also a picture of cow. You have the word “cow”. You have a horse with a horn strapped to its head. You have a picture of a horse-……

The thing or the name and the concept?


Why is mushy stuff any more substantial than gods mandate. There’s no reason that we would call it mushy stuff anymore then we could call God’s mandate a blade of grass, or the imperative of natural evolution.

There is no necessary connection between the mushy stuff that we call a brain and the name mushy stuff, or brain, or neurons. There is no necessary connection. Similarly what are you talking about when you say a concept?

It seems to me that you’re just drawing upon some sort of primary source that you’re not telling anyone about. And calling it some transcendent, I don’t know what you would call it . it seems that you like to attach it to the physical brain. But then you give me no reason why what you’re attaching it to the brain should be so except that you say it’s sensible. It’s like you’re talking in circles and you think you’re actually telling me something substantial.

.You say that you’re choosing to believe something over something else. But you’re not really giving me a reason why I should believe that your belief has any more validity than anyone else’s belief.

The simpler answer for me just may be like God said it is so. So what,

Here you are saying, I choose to believe the simpler option. And I say so what?

Give me some substantial criteria by which I can go: ok. Yes. Period.

Who cares if that’s what you’re choosing. Everyone is choosing all sorts of shit. That just means that you got yourself a paycheck. I’m talking about actual stuff that these are based on. And you’re telling me it’s based on that you choose to think this way?

It sounds like you should be stockpiling guns. Because I know there’s a bunch of people that live in the mountains close to me they could give a fuck about your choices and they got a hell of a lot of guns and they’re doing military maneuvers up there.


I think it’s too easy to kind of sit inside myself and think all these great thoughts and then cast them onto the world and expect that people should believe them or understand them because they seem so obvious to me.

If you’re burning a unicorn an actual unicorn or. Let’s take something that you think has is more real. Let’s say I said a cow on fire. Oh. never mind, I didn’t really set a car on fire, I just sent a bunch of Furrer and visceral material and eyeballs on fire. So I have a drawing of a unicorn and I said it on fire. Oh; Just kidding. I didn’t set a piece of paper on fire, I actually set a piece of a tree on fire. Oh. Nope I was just kidding then to.

Somehow you’re not communicating to me something. Somehow there’s something missed.

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