The thing or the name and the concept?

You have a cow and also a picture of cow. You have the word “cow”. You have a horse with a horn strapped to its head. You have a picture of a horse-……

Unicorn or a horse with a strapped on horn?

You have the word. You have a concept. You have no actual object to show.

——. So likewise a brain is a bunch of mushy stuff. or the mind an extension of Gods mandate.

I choose mushy stuff. Extension of god’s mandate is an emergent idea of the mushy stuff.

What criteria are you using do distinguish what is “objectively true”?

What is objectively true is when the mushy stuff fails from sickness, old age, death the mind fails. What criteria are you using to bring about god’s mandate except with the mind?

I may burn picture of a unicorn but I am only burning a picture. I may remove the strap on horn from the horse, but maybe am still left with a horse and a strap on horn. Strapping the horn back onto the horse will still only give me a horse with a strap on horn, not a unicorn.

By definition, a myth is an idea or story that many people believe, but which is not true. We have a names and concept but we have no existent thing.

In the end, it seems, it comes down to 1) mushy brain or 2) perfect God/soul/mind. I choose the simpler explanation.