Unicorns and physical realism

It baffles me that it is okay for you to have existent unicorn but not for me to have an existent physical realism. A kind of double standard where your mind can come up with unicorn but I cannot come up with physical realism.

One thought on “Unicorns and physical realism

  1. I just got the volume of the journal called “collapse”. Second volume which is really where is the idea of speculative realism kind of came out of Conoco last in a way. But Ray Brassier really in his introduction to the volume, gives a very clear account of what’s happening between you and I right now. I feel.

    I think he does a better job at kind of clearly laying out the issue that you’re talking about and then the issue that I’m talking about also.

    They re-print them. It was 25 bucks, because it’s worth it to me. It’s the journal that quote on vicarious causation was first printed . And Miellassoux is in there


    Because I feel the stuff that we’re going over is kind of useless. We keep coming to the same stalemate. But I think like I said in the first article of this journal he really lays out your side, what I feel is the side that you’re coming from, and then kind of my side. Though I do have issues with the strict speculative realist approach, if we can call it that. But I think it might help a little bit for us to get somewhere. Because I keep, we keep coming to the same place. In our discussion, and I don’t think we’re gonna get past it. That is, I feel I have a clear understanding of the two situations, and somehow I feel that you’re still exploring it. I could be wrong, and I don’t mean to sound like I’m being all that or judge mental or whatever. But you know if you got 25 bucks, …I just looked and see if someone had reprinted his article on a PDF like they have on vicarious causation. But I can’t seem to find it. It appears like it is only in this.

    Actually you could look up “nihil unbound” By Brassier. Because it says that “this is a heavily edited version of a chapter from ..” the authors book etc.

    If you’re interested


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