Particulars and division

You said something like the only way is to limit the universe to particulars, but divides you (not agreeable to you). In the opposite way, I cannot ……

Particulars and division

——- I like that conceptualization is a property of the physical being. Yes. I think we can say that and agree on that. And, I would also say that the ability or capacity to conceptualize is limited by the objects of its field.

Because we still understand choice as indeed a free choice, it is ridiculous to argue that there is no free choice. Anyway that we would try to argue that a choice is ultimately not free, would be a contradiction to the very idea that we are trying to propose.

This is also appoint that is made in the book “after finitude“. Albeit in an indirect fashion.

So it is that I say that there are two routes. That cannot reconcile. Or rather, they can only be reconciled in a non-philosophical manner, which is to say, in the way that Laruelle shows us in his non-philosophy.

And so I kind a take off from those two facets of understanding. And I say because the conceptualizations are utterly limited by the objects of its field, though they are not recognized in the reflection of the conceptualization as the conceptualization itself being necessary, we can call those conceptualization “objects“, because we are able to identify the parameters by which that conceptualization arose. And this is the case for all conceptualizations. And if indeed this is the case, then the totality of conceptualizations must be the universe. Even the conceptualization that there is something outside of whatever can be conceptualized must be included in the universe by the sheer fact that it’s self is a conceptualization. This is really part of what Badiou talks about in his “being an event“ book, about set theory and mathematics.

Because ultimately, the conceptualization that all conceptualizations arise from a physical being, is it self a conceptualization. This is the irony that is at root in the working of phenomenalism and phenomenology.

This is also an issue that Deleuze and Guattari address in thier works: how do we break through the façade of conceptualizations to be able to identify something that is not merely a conceptualization?

And then Zizek answers: it is all Hegelian-Lacanian phenomenological psychoanalysis.

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