Philosophy and unicorns

I am not sure you realise how seriously flawed a philosophy is when it says unicorns exist. This one statement in-itself has implications to so many …

Philosophy and unicorns


They exist in the contacts that were talking about. I’m sure if you showed someone a picture of a unicorn and you asked him what it was, they would say that’s a unicorn. Never mind in about “this is not a pipe”.

That’s what I’m saying, it’s like we’re shifting gears in the middle of a sentence in order to make a point that wasn’t at the beginning of the sentence.

You’re talking about things that exist in the universe. I could say hey do my thoughts exist in the universe, and a lot of people would probably say, let me be philosophical about this.

But if I ask them how is it possible that you were in countering something that doesn’t exist in the universe, that would be a further problem.

All I’m saying is that whatever’s going on, the contents of my thoughts, my thoughts everything exists in the universe.

But then I’m also saying I’m a real person and I have to deal with the real things real things in the world, where my philosophy has no place. Like I’ve said over and over again. When I’m counseling, for example, what I think about philosophy is moot. It doesn’t exist, it is not there. It has no relationship to what I’m doing when I’m counseling for example.

If I’m walking the dog and I don’t pick up his shit and then someone yells at me for not picking up his pile of shit. There is not one single iota of underlying philosophy that goes into that situation. There is not one single bit of Adams or discourse or whether some thing exists or anything like that whatsoever in that moment of my neighbor telling me to pick up my dog shit. None.

So it’s really like you’re playing a game, and I’m not playing a game.

You see everything as like strategic moves on some Chess board of linguistics or discourse or something like that. Where is I’m just describing to you what’s out my window. Look there’s some leaves. Oh look there’s a unicorn. Oh look there’s light. Does light exist? , I don’t know what ways could exist, with Waze could not exist, what are we defining as existence. None of this has any bearing to whether if I jump out the window whether I’m going to break my leg. If anything I’m talking about actual physical reality, and you’re talking about some fantasy of discourse.

I’ve said many times, and.

In the contacts were talking about, which is existence, the context of the universe, uniform unicorns exist. In the context of every day people who know nothing about philosophy at all, most likely they would say no they don’t exist, until you start to talk to him and then they might say, oh they exist in this way or that way or in books or in pictures are in my imagination. I’m not denying that one single bit. It literally is in midsentence you’re changing the rules of the game, or that’s how it appears.

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