What doesn’t exist then?

I am not sure you realise how seriously flawed a philosophy is when it says unicorns exist. This one statement in-itself has implications to so many …

What doesn’t exist then?

——- hmmm. Are we talking about what doesn’t exist on my desk?

Are we talking about what doesn’t exist in Louisville Colorado?

If we are talking about what doesn’t exist in the universe, I would say that everything exists in the universe; What doesn’t exist is not part of the universe.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m talking about “the universe“, or whether I’m talking about the universe of my coffee cup. What doesn’t exist in the universe of my coffee cup is my guitar.

This is why I say when we do philosophy we really need to reflect upon what we’re trying to accomplish. What project are we involved with. Because then we would have to ask

So, let’s say that some things do not exist. What are they then, figment of my imagination? Does my imagination exist? Do some things of my content of my imagination exist and then other things of my imagination does not exist? What about if I’m not imagining it?

I think there’s just a lot of what I’m talking about that you were just not familiar with. I think that’s really the only way that I can put it. And it’s not a judgment, I am not saying that I’m better or smarter or anything. But if I was talking about building a circuit board, I don’t know what kind of input you could give me on it if I was a computer engineer.

Because again, if I use the word philosophy, you automatically figure we’re talking about the same thing. But it seems obvious to me that we are really not, and it also seems really obvious to me that our definitions fail to communicate to each other what we’re talking about. It doesn’t matter how specific or detailed each of us gets in our definitions, there seems to be something that’s failing to get communicated which breaks down the whole line of communication. Which really makes the argument kind of pointless. I mean it’s helpful to me and making my mind work or whatever, helps me with the mental work out and to think of new ideas and stuff. But particular to the point that we are discussing, nothings getting across to each other.

And I think that is significant to philosophy. It seems to me like you have ready-made answers. But I’m kind of realizing like there’s a failure somewhere. you cannot admit that some thing has failed, it seems like you have to reduce that failure to some underlying cause that goes back into how that I’m not realizing some thing or that my thinking is faulty. and that’s an accusation, It’s an insinuation that somehow I’m less intelligent, or I’m not as knowledgeable, or something is defective in my reasoning.

that’s what colonialization is, that’s what racism is, that’s what oppression is. It is the assumption that the subject and it’s understanding of the world is common, that everyone understands it or should understand it, that there is this common thing called a human being that everyone is a part of and is obliged to recognize or they fall under these kind of “micro aggressions” of accusation that they are somehow less than or not or failing in someway to recognize or something like that.

That is the nature of subjectivity. I am involved with it, you are involved with it. To argue these kinds of things to their ends at we are leads to a kind of futility. A never ending pit a problem and confusion. I identify this situation as one that arises within or along a particular manner of reckoning that I call conventional philosophy .

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