Which rock?

READY TO READ…. Maybe we smear the wax clean again and start over. If there’s anything that I am, if there is a way that I approach life, existence, …

From scratch.

We are neither in the same place, city, state, country, nor continent. We are however in the same reality. I see but a fraction of the reality. Perhaps you are imagining a rock in front of you. But that is your imagined rock. And even if I imagine a rock in front me that is my imagined rock.

I said before, plural, objects of the minds. In reality, they not “objects” but conceptualised as such. Recalling about them does not bring about there existence. It is not a conjuring of a thing but a performing the act of conceiving a particular or universal “thing”.

It is not a totality of any sort. There is no communal conceptualisation, especially of particulars. Only individual conceiving occurs. Like members of a choir individual voices contribute to the overall music but are particular acts that “celebrate” things, time and space. The individual that sings to his or her own rhythm and tune is not celebrating things, time and space, not “synchronising” or “harmonising” with the reality, but disregarding the fact that he or she is another thing in reality. How one relates or not relates to the other things is the question.

I am certainly not able to see the imagined rocked as a totality. For if it is, your rock and my rock will be not only the same for everyone, but also same for the individual over the course of his or her entire life.

Also this act of trying to convince me to agree with your formulation cannot occur since I would have to hold onto the thought I have now – the one where the rocks which are in your mind and my mind are not the same. That would already be a contradiction in your logic of our supposed sameness.