Expectations and reality

[When] your [children] were babies, were you feeding them milk from a bottle, or perspective from a conceptualization?

Comment #261

The thing is, my children were breast fed by my wife, as I personally cannot express breast milk.

This inability for you to realise that your expectations may not match the reality is troubling.

So when you say something like “this rock in front of us” when we are clearly in two entirely different parts of the physical reality that do not partake in this description of “in front of us” it puts your philosophy on shaky ground (there is no real ground to speak of. Just to be clear, this is a metaphor. Just because I said shaky ground does not mean literally shaky ground, any more than if I say unicorn that there comes into existence unicorns).

I have not said it yet, but you are right there is an arbitrary link between the word-form and concept (the container and its contents). But that is only the linguistic sign, and not actually the entire reality. For the entirety of the reality includes the actual physical thing (the referent).

Philosophy is not about how to think but how to live. Specifically, it is about how to deal with the discrepancy between reality and and your expectations of it. The task philosophy is to bring the expectations closer to the (physical) reality, not the other way around.