Expectations and reality

[When] your [children] were babies, were you feeding them milk from a bottle, or perspective from a conceptualization?

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The thing is, my children were breast fed by my wife, as I personally cannot express breast milk.

This inability for you to realise that your expectations may not match the reality is troubling.

So when you say something like “this rock in front of us” when we are clearly in two entirely different parts of the physical reality that do not partake in this description of “in front of us” it puts your philosophy on shaky ground (there is no real ground to speak of. Just to be clear, this is a metaphor. Just because I said shaky ground does not mean literally shaky ground, any more than if I say unicorn that there comes into existence unicorns).

I have not said it yet, but you are right there is an arbitrary link between the word-form and concept (the container and its contents). But that is only the linguistic sign, and not actually the entire reality. For the entirety of the reality includes the actual physical thing (the referent).

Philosophy is not about how to think but how to live. Specifically, it is about how to deal with the discrepancy between reality and and your expectations of it. The task philosophy is to bring the expectations closer to the (physical) reality, not the other way around.

12 thoughts on “Expectations and reality

  1. Sometimes the best way to deal with problems is to leave the situation. Lol

    I’ll come out soon. I just get caught up in replying and then replying and then commenting and posting and posting and replying and commenting. I have other things I have to do in life, and I am in school so I have other things I have to think about. So I just have to pace myself really is what’s going on. 👍🏾


  2. …I literally just was writing a response post that I thought was pretty good and then I looked at the screen and it didn’t print any of it, it simply disappeared in the fucking block editor. So I’m done with it I’m not battling this fucking platform anymore


  3. You still have never told me how you are able to discern between what is only in the mind and what is actually out there in the universe.

    I tried starting from scratch. Maybe you can start from some beginning that you see, some simple statement or something, I don’t know, and we’ll see how that goes.



  4. I’m not saying that I don’t have expectations. I’m saying that there’s not one unitive condition under which everything must fall. I’m not saying that it is an either or condition. I’m not reducing it to one “more true“ situation. That is something you are seeing that is not there.


  5. I have expectations. Yes. To say you don’t have expectations is not a lie, but a stretch. For you still have to choose what to describe which in turn limits the context and relation of things. You can call it non-linear but it occurs in linearity. I don’t think you realise how convinced you are that non-linearity is the reality when it is only an illusion of the mind.

    A search for “discourse” in our conversations brings up mostly, posts by you. Those that are mine are mostly quotes of you. I am not the one who is fixated on discourse.

    Are you merely describing … or are you biased towards “discourse” (expectations that everything is a discourse)?



  6. … And, that is also my point: I don’t have any expectations I am merely describing things. There is no expectation about what should be the case. I am merely describing what is there. It’s kind of ironic don’t you think? Because I could say the same accusation of you. That you expect there to be some thing underneath everything, and so you find all this alternate reality of only discourse or only conceptualizations or whatever. Like I say, to irreconcilable routes.


  7. It appears to me that you think that somehow I am arguing against what is real. I’m totally deal with reality every single day. And then just asking you what is their actual nutrition is going in your child, or was it just a concept?

    Or was it both ?


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