Lance: “Of course. All things unify within a universe. That’s what a universe is.”

I understand. It is unitive only as a object in your mind as an intentional universe. The physical universe as object, however, is fragmented.

Furthermore, the object of the mind is not a sign (signifier and signified) but only a signified. the object of the mind is atemporal, aspatial, amaterial. As such, it is also aprocedural, aquality, arelational.

Since signifiers (word-form) are arbitrary to the signified the sign is its own system different to the experiential system (physical reality) which is the relationship between objects of the mind and physical reality (experience).

Objects of the minds, in this construct, are non-existent “objects”. Only physical objects are real objects in the ontological sense. Objects of the mind are motivated by physical objects on the one hand and other objects of the mind on the other.

Signifiers are motivated by the objects of the mind, and in turn, indirectly motivated by the physical objects.

Discourse (that is, language) is last in this chain of events which can be called this being.

2 thoughts on “Motivations

  1. OK I’m done with this exchange because the block editor has so if thoroughly irritated me that I’m just not gonna do it anymore.

    If you want to say something simple, then maybe I’ll try to answer it simply.

    But this fucking word press block editor and the fact that I’ve been trying to reply so often, it’s really just not good for my mental health. Lol

    The actual thing that is my mental health regardless of what words I want to use to talk about it. Lol.


  2. OK, I fully understand all that. what are you trying to tell me? We’ve been through this before and I told you that I agree with all this.


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