Nowhere or nowhere?

If we are to start somewhere, what is given? Where shall we start? What is given? Now. How is it that we can start nowhere? Incidentally, is it no-…

Nowhere or nowhere?

How funny. I don’t think I put that title. 😜 wow. I think that was entirely auto correct and I didn’t notice it. I don’t think I ever typed “no where” at anytime in this post. Lol. I think I typed something else or said something else and voice dictation and the AI just auto corrected it to “nowhere”. But I don’t remember what the original word was or what the original words were. So I guess AI decided to take this particular post conversation in its own way. Because it doesn’t make sense to me, nor really your response to it, because I don’t know what I said that it auto corrected to say “nowhere”. Lol.

I mean, I understand your play on words of “nowhere“. Of course.


But anyways.

So; is there anything we can say about anything that is sure? That we together can know for sure it is true?

Is there anything that is given?

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