The mind may be in here, but it is also in here in the universe

Lance: “You still have never told me how you are able to discern between what is only in the mind and what is actually out there in the universe. […]”

And you still haven’t told me how you consider the mind as not being in the universe, part of the universe.

I have told you,as clearly as I can, what the mind is – that it is a characteristic of this (physical) object. To be specific this being. In experience (the process of the signified being motivated physical objects and objects of the minds) is in-itself an object of the mind, that is, a construct, and one that does not ontologically exist. It is a characteristic or property of this being.

This so-called “orientation” upon an object is constructed upon an constructed objects of the mind, namely, you and the “outer” object of the mind. This aspatial orientation gives you existential freedom which is in-itself a construct upon objects of the mind, but has nothing to do with the physical reality from which all objects of the minds are initially motivated by.

To give an analogy, you prefer the howling from the feedback in the mind of the endless creations of more objects of the minds, sustaining it and playing with it. I prefer to turn down the volume so that howling stops to let me hear the actual music. (I think you can appreciate this analogy as a self-professed musician.)