Engagement, meaning, being

How do we proceed? Inferred time and space Engage with the reality of physical things, inferred space and time. The act of engagement brings about an…

Engagement, meaning, being

——- this is very phenomenological. I do not disagree with its ways. Yet due to the ability to have the meaning that is the form which is described (generally) or to notice that form, we are able to come upon something that is not merely meaning. This precipitate, or sorts, thus completes the meaning by the ability to describe the precipitate, its counterpart, which is, for meaning, the object. But the description does not then describe to negate the subject meaning, but fulfill it.

Any posited totality necessarlity implies something else by which the totality is able to be noticed as such. To say that being is meaning entirely is a notice of a totality.

Two routes. A rock has no meaning itself; it simply is, and we can know of its being outside of what meaning we make of it. Yet it also has meaning. Hence. How we perceive where such meaning is originating from shows two routes into understanding what Being may be. The meaning the rock has inherently which it gives us by virtue of its own being, and the meaning which sees meaning as arising only in by and of the human being.

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