Phenomenology or Phenoumenology?

How do we proceed? Inferred time and space Engage with the reality of physical things, inferred space and time. The act of engagement brings about an…

Phenomenology or Phenoumenology?

—. Yes. Because your orientation upon objects it’s from the phenomenological center. You are telling me, you repeat it over and over, you say explicitly and you assume it in every part of our interaction. So much so that you implicitly reject if I say anything that does not accord with your orientation.

You say mind, and the mind is attached to a brain and etc. Conceptualizations, etc. If I tell you that this blade of grass is actually telling you something about itself, you automatically see it as something that your mind is generating. That it is not actually the blade of grass which is communicating with you, which is telling you things giving you things about itself that is outside of your mind, it seems to me that what you’re telling me is that it is only the mind itself that is generating these “meanings

And I submit, this is so much the case that there is no argument that I could put in front of you that would convince you any different. Now, I just say that it is the case. It is the case that no matter what argument I put in front of you you will not be able to nor will you want to see that objects are giving you aspects of themselves, showing you the being that is themselves. And this is because, as you say over and over, all of this is merely arising in your mind as signifiers and signs and discourse and semantics and context. That objects, real objects out in the world are utterly neutral in with and without inherent meaning activity or purpose. That those aspects are cast upon the neutral objects of the universe by the centralized thinker called the human being.

Like I just said, I just capitulate and say: yes, that is the case. And there’s nothing that I would be able to say to you or argue to you to be able to alter that view, that orientation, that approach upon the world.

And I would even suggest that this is so much the case that you will come back at me with an argument why what I am describing as the case is not the case. And then I just say, OK, on indeed that is the case. When I present you with the case, you come back at me with how it’s not the case. And this is the method of the phenomenological center of modern reason.

There’s no argument I can make to convince you otherwise. That is the case. And then I talk about the case the repercussions of the situation that is arising.

2 thoughts on “Phenomenology or Phenoumenology?

  1. I mean ‘phenomenological’. And ‘phenomenal’. Etc… It’s really all pertaining to the same thing really, that is, whatever, has to do with phenomenea. So I say, OK, neumenon numena etc phenomenon all those non-‘s with the PH all those things that have to do with the phenomenon and have to do with phenomenon.


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