Phenomenology or Phenoumenology?

How do we proceed? Inferred time and space Engage with the reality of physical things, inferred space and time. The act of engagement brings about an…

Engagement, meaning, being

The difference though will come by the difference between phenomenology and reist realism. The concepts are necessary separate to the being since conceptualisation is a property, specifically a process of a thing, not the thing-in-itself.

Objects of the mind (concepts) are treated differently than to the phenomenological approach. I take the evidence from the experience of this being the case.

Objects of the minds have no independent existence. They are not innate in any way. The object of one mind of something corresponding to, for example, a particular physical will necessarily be different for each being with overlap but never identical. They can only share identity as the signifier not as the sign (signifier-signified).

This is why I attend to language only after I have attended to ontology and then epistemology. without doing so the relationship between words, objects and concepts cannot be clearly seen.