Be your own judge

There is no accounting for reason in the world. People do whatever they want and they call it reasonable, and then they look to others and they say it’s unreasonable or on rational. In actuality, it’s a bunch of human beings doing whatever the hell they want to do. What small contribution I make, has no real consequences, because people are always taking whatever knowledge is there and twisting it into their own agenda.

I understand what you are saying.

I see lots of rabbit holes.

What ‘contributions’ are you talking about? What purposes are you talking about? What ‘no real sequences’ are these? I keep hearing judgments and yet denial of being judgmental.

I have “prior convictions” and I am not afraid to say that. Whether they hold up or not is for me and others to judge, not some kind of one-way street. We share a world.

And as far as worlds go this one (this reality in time and space) is all we have.

The claim of a mind-world is an illusion created by the thinking-body. There seems to be no disembodied mind other than one that is conceived by this body. So the choice of conceiving such a disembodied mind is the responsibility of the individual who does so. He or she must justify it and live by it. That is my view.

I understand you are saying the disembodied mind is not conceived by existent. I am critique that after much careful thought.

I equally see the same arguments put forward over and over again for a disembodied mind. And I argue back that the orientation is wrong, that it is an em-minded body rather than an embodied mind.

To summarise, all thoughts, including the thought of an existent mind, are processes of the body. All are abstractions performed by a body and do not exist. Discourses are thoughts (a serious of processes) put into words, words which are abstractions placed into ‘containers’ (pseudo-objects, signifiers).

(We never got to ‘discourses’ because we have been stuck on ontology and epistemology. We never got to ‘consequences’ either, a topic that is important. This drive to make significant contributions is again an rabbit hole.)