by this body of this body

Phenomenology, or phenomenalism, or the idea that the mind is the center of all things knowable, is analogous to saying that the only thing that human beings can know and indeed the only thing that constitutes the criteria for truth, is the sensor.

Phenomenology or Phenoumenology?

The mind is not alone the center of it if the mind cannot be separated from the body.

The second question, then, is 1) does the body emerge from the mind, 2) does the mind emerge from the body, 3) being is both mind and body, or 4) being is neither mind nor body.

I am willing to lay my cards and say

  1. the mind emerges from the body
  2. the mind is a process of the body and not a body (thing).

In short, the concept of mind is created from the body from which the processes emerge from. This is not only observed by others but also by this body of this body.