Disco mind

one route which is disembodied: a mind which is disconnected from its body, yet contained or within it and world, such that there is only one kind of…

Disconnected mind


“I have seen plenty of bodies without a mind (rocks and corpses). But I have never seen a mind without a body.”

That is because your mind is disembodied from the world. It does not hear the world. It does not engage with the world as the world. It engages with the world as a projection of itself,

This is what modern subjectivity is.

This is not a pan psychos them, or a spiritualism, or a animism or any sort of those isms at all.

It is an embodiment, and acknowledgment that the mind is indeed part of the universe.

Where the mind sees projections, sees illusions, understands the world or the subject as having an ability to have illusions and understand things that are incorrect etc., there is an indication of a problem of what is manifesting the understanding of mind. Some thing outside, so to speak, of the mind is shaping the mind to be able to understand things only in a certain context.

That is called disembodiment. Because the mind is not allowing itself to be dissolved, basically. The mind is propping itself up on unseen structures and unseen forces and shapers as if those forces and shapers do not have any validity, indeed as if they don’t exist at all or have no influence whatsoever.

But again, I’m not saying this as an argument to negate it. As if to say something is incorrect with it. As if we need to improve upon it or somehow make it go away for this better more improved way. On the contrary, I’m just saying just as a chair is a chair, so it is that modern subjectivity is modern subjectivity. Appearing in this way, manifesting in this way, doing things in this way etc. just because I can perceive another human being and describe the human being as it is, does not mean I’m making a critique about that other human being. It merely means that there is a human being right there.

Just because I say the chair is brown does not mean that I’m implying that it should be red. So it is, Just because I say modern subjectivity is indeed such and such, does not mean that I’m saying that modern subjectivity should change or be something different or have a different color or behave differently.

And I’m not just making this up. We see this exact thing that I’m describing, then I’m talking about, throughout history, in all sorts of philosophies, and all sorts of religions, modern philosophy, post modernism, phenomenalism, everywhere we look we see the same kind of description everywhere. And yet when it comes to my own being somehow I completely ignore all of these discourses, all of this evidence that thousands of years of commentators and theories have been telling us, have been describing for us.

The problem with the approach that you’re taking, is simply that it only leads to some sort of grand universal consciousness of enlightenment or whatever you would want to call it, which begins and ends in basically everything, or nothing. It never explains what’s in between. It just talks about various disembodied intellectual circumstances that must be the case because R reason reasons so.

the big R reason, the big intellect of the mind understands itself within its own conceptions, within its own reductive logic of reason, etc. So much so that if you ask that big M mind that uses the big R reason how anything can be the case, it never touches down to anything except to allude to some sort of phantom object somewhere out there that is actual, that is real, without ever having to describe how Such intellectualizations are being attached to that object out there. It just assumes that the whole world must concord to the big R reason of the big M mind.

This is called disembodiment. Because it argues an eternal suspension Anchored only in some unknowable yet posited objective universe which is either everything, or utterly nothing. Again, it never talks About nor gives us a tangible description of how I’m even able to make a cup of coffee. Rather, it just describes various sensual data and how they must go together. It doesn’t ever describe to me how Water drips through ground coffee to produce this drink that I embibe and it stimulates me.

And yet subjectivity is indeed something that arises in the universe as such. It does certain things. It produces certain things. It achieves certain things. It presents certain things. It accords with certain things. just as a chair. Just as a brain. Just as a tree. Just as the sun does. Just as a molecule does. Just as an amoeba does. Just as a human being does. Just as a dog also does and a flower and a kitchen counter.

And yet, even as I described the situation, I am not negating that indeed a mind does exactly that. That indeed a brain does exactly what you’re saying it does. That indeed a body is constituted in whatever way. Or consciousness. Or discourse. Or coffee filtrationOr the process of cheese maturing.

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