I understand what you are saying.

What would you have me say so you could understand what I’m trying to tell you? by this , of this I understand what you are saying. I am saying it …

I understand what you are saying. I am saying it may be a mistake.

—— I cannot with any conscious of good faith lead my life with constant reference to stupid peoples idiotic notion’s of the world might do with any knowledge.

And yet, that is a whole philosophy of truth along a different and further deepend angle.

Yes, I would agree with you that it is a dangerous edge to ride.

But I would also counter that Abraham and Moses were allowed to enter “the promised land”. That indeed they lead the people along a dangerous path, because that was the only path along which liberation lead.

I hear what you’re saying, I think. And another counter to that would be that I lead my whole life constantly worrying about what others might think. Constantly concerned and in a Struggle to try and walk the middle Road.

There is no accounting for reason in the world. People do whatever they want and they call it reasonable, and then they look to others and they say it’s unreasonable or on rational. In actuality, it’s a bunch of human beings doing whatever the hell they want to do. What small contribution I make, has no real consequences, because people are always taking whatever knowledge is there and twisting it into their own agenda.

That could be why counseling has appealed to me, and indeed my life led me to counseling. Because it is with compassion that I view human beings because they are so lost, and indeed because I was lost for so long.

And, while I understand what you’re saying about a mistake and flawed, I would have to ask who’s mistake and what flaw?

And then my repeated question; what are we trying to do?

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