Iwhat you are saying. I am sayin may be a mistake.

What would you have me say so you could understand what I’m trying to tell you? by this , of this I understand what you are saying. I am saying it …

I understand what you are saying. I am saying it may be a mistake.

–“I understand what you are saying. I am saying it may be a mistake. Regardless of modernity or not (my is not a modern position, by the way) I feel you are are taking a fanciful fictional leap and projecting in a way that may not be helpful, and in fact harmful

We can talk about dangers lurking. I feel the approach is flawed and therefore dangerous. It is leading down a rabbit hole that is confusing and is a rabbit hole one is unable to get out. 

I see problems, problems that have real-world consequences.”–

Perhaps you could be more specific about what problems.

I don’t think it’s fictional in the least. Actually I could say just the same as you. That is my point .

I could take this post that I just quoted of you and just send it back to you, and it would be just as truthful as my opinion of you. And you’re what you’re saying.

That is the condition we’re in, ironically, in our political climate in the United States if not the globe. Is that there are these two sides that are deathly afraid that the other side is implementing ideas and notions that are going to tear the world apart. Because they have a real world consequences. etc..

And I am saying that that very situation is real.

What is real is not that one side has these terrible ideas that’s going to destroy humanity, and then the other side has this much more better ideas of how things should go that is going to make for a better humanity. It’s that both sides think the same of the other side; that’s the reality.

And so we could have a debate, about why I think my ideas are actually not as scary and actually more real given the situation at hand. And I could talk about how you’re lost in a fiction a phenomenological dimensions. I could argue with you about how the “facts” of science are actually mot true of some objective reality. I could give you all sorts of rationales and reasons and arguments about how science itself is just a particular kind or way of thinking about subjective or a phenomenal cystic realities, but really point to nothing more substantial than their own fantasies of career and grandiosity.

could make the argument that that is what is truly dangerous about modern society.

but so what?

All you would do is maybe come back with another argument about something that is more ethical.

Because I’m not advocating any particular way to view the world. I’m just describing the situation that is occurring. I’m not saying it needs to occur any differently. I’m not making judgments upon what there is. I’m not catering the view and trying to mind read about what society might and might not do given my great and wonderful ability to assess world events.

Because given the true complexity of human interactions, at best my analysis is going to be such a small and insignificant and a D distorted view upon what is actually occurring, any input I would assert to say that this is the ethical way to go, it’s really just another authoritarian assertion of how a whole bunch of people are incorrect and stupid and unethical.

i’m not making any statement of the sort like that.

if anything I’m saying about the ethical world is that people are screwed up and they need to get in touch with themselves. And that’s counseling, not philosophy.

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