I merely describe the truth of its objectivity. My agenda Is concerned with real individuals. Not imaginary phenomena; And you don’t see your conventional philosophy as inherently myopic and promoting of problem.

Be your own judge

I am concerned with real individuals as well. So how am I promoting the problem with conventional philosophy? Is Derrida promoting a problem as well in your opinion?

Myopic is not an objective but emotive description.

Discourse for you is given a greater status. That is my “objective” description of the situation. So why is philosophy and discourse given a privileged place? Why is your philosophy better than other philosophies?

When you say philosophy is everything are you not really just limiting it to philosophical positions that you agree with? Does not philosophy include realism, idealism, dualism, materialism.

It seemed deceptive to say in one breath that you are fine with convention philosophy, but then turn around and say my convention philosophy is myopic.