Phenomenology or Phenoumenology?

How do we proceed? Inferred time and space Engage with the reality of physical things, inferred space and time. The act of engagement brings about an…

Phenomenology or Phenoumenology?

—- I have never heard of “reist”. Is that a type-o?

Object of the mind. I am indeed able to understand what you mean by object of the mind, that everything arises in the mind. I am able to understand that.But it seems

It seems nonsensical to me that we only deal with phantoms of reality. As though there’s some thing real outside of it. As though objects of the mind are just fantasies, phenomena that we believe in or otherwise develop out of belief or some sort of internal mechanism of the brain called the mind reasoning.

My question then always comes back to, how are we able to get beyond that “mind“ for sod to be able to know that the mind is coming up in the brain?

Do you and I can do all sorts of experiments on things that are “ not my brain“, which is to say, on these things out there in the world. And my question is is to fold: why should I believe that any of these things that I’m perceiving in other human beings, and other animals, that I called the brain, why should I believe it has anything at all to do with being, except as an object that does not arise in the mind? In what way am I making the equation between these brains that I just sector whatever do experiments on and this thing, this awareness that, this consciousness that is the experience of me looking at this object out there called this brain that the surgeon is dissecting, or the neurologist is doing whatever sort of experiments on?

I am not not calling into question that that indeed is the case in that situation. I am asking the honest question of how you are able to come to the conclusion that whatever experiments they’re doing on that brain out there, that object that was once a cats brain, or a dead human‘s brain, or even an alive human’s brain. What route what evidence, why am I thinking that whatever that brain is there has anything to do with my conscious experience ? Or yours?

I’m not saying that you’re not allowed to believe that. But I am saying that it is an aspect of being to be able to “believe” things, to have a reason why things should be the case and then an act some sort of forced upon their own experience is if it is actually has to do with them or Hass to do with something else, or is associated in this manner, or is not associated in this manner.

So I continually ask, logistically, what is the route that you are taking to make yourself so sure of these things that you tell me?

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