Phenomenology or Phenoumenology?

How do we proceed? Inferred time and space Engage with the reality of physical things, inferred space and time. The act of engagement brings about an…

Phenomenology or Phenoumenology?


Here is an analogy: Particle physics. Or just physics. There’s some sort of experiment where physicist will try and discover particles, say, or see how they are moving or something like that. OK. So imagine that there is this film, or this sensor, this flat piece of sense gathering material. And at the other end of the room is this gun That shoots out particles. The way we measure these particles is how they interact with the sensor.

Phenomenology, or phenomenalism, or the idea that the mind is the center of all things knowable, is analogous to saying that the only thing that human beings can know and indeed the only thing that constitutes the criteria for truth, is the sensor.

I’m saying that we can know the whole experiment. There is no argument that can convince someone who experiences the world as if through, a “sensor”, that things are arising, occurring and indeed a being in a manner that is not “sensor data”.

And this is where the idea of discourses of power, and indeed extrinsic and intrinsic mythology, as well as religion and cosmology, arise to indicate that there is more going on then what we typically understand must meet a criterion for real truth.

It is not that there is this real true way of coming up on the universe and that everything that does not answer to it is that’s false or unknowable, it is that those who are oriented in this particular way of knowing are simply unable to hear or conceptualize what other people are putting in to discourse.

The point is that if we are indeed going to be able to truely reckon what the human being is in the universe, we must begin to understand and grapple with how knowledge functions. Less about what knowledge can say of things, and more of how knowledge first functions as such to grant ability to conceptualize, perceive and indeed understand truth.

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