Be your own

There is no accounting for reason in the world. People do whatever they want and they call it reasonable, and then they look to others and they say ……

Be your own judge

I’m not sure why I did not get all these posts you made.

I just saw them now I think. Or some of them.

— My process of Being is dialectical. You present under a particular condition, that aspect of myself I could not account for previously to our encounter. This is not merely intellectual but actual Being, actually involves all aspects of the human being: emotional, cognitive,social,psyche-logical,discursive. Among others we could name.

But, to be honest, never do we or I address all those aspects at once. Though encountered simultaneously, we only address each under each. under the condition of each in time. Dynamic. One thus does not imply that the others must answer to that one, but the one can only speak of the one and to the one in that condition and at the time. I’d say. There is nothing which underlies all the aspects which can be spoken of through the method of reduction.

….maybe I’m merging dialogical and dialectical.

Yeah. It seems to me I am merging both those aspects.

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