For something to be thinkable requires a thinker. Without the thinker (the physical object/being) there cannot be the individuated act of thinking. Those who think it is possible are making things appear out of nowhere with their thought. It is circular logic.

Matter, ontology, metaphysics

There is only evidence that there is matter. This is a question of ontology (of what exists), not of metaphysics (of the nature of that which exists). So we should talk about metaphysics as other than a fact of it being discussed, its “existence” is only that of being a concept.

Abstract particular

A concrete is a thing, a physical object, (at least) a solid, liquid or gas. We will call these concrete particulars. Abstract particulars are processes (verbs), qualities (adjectives) and relations (adverbs, pronouns, determiners, prepositions and conjunctions) of concrete particulars. Abstract universals are judgments or prototypes from abstract particulars. Concrete universals are judgments from abstract universals. … Continue reading Abstract particular