The interfaces to reality

The interfaces to reality, the physical objects of the world, are the concepts and symbols, the experience, the Saussurean sign, the nominal tag, the semiotic object, and the potentiality and lost potentially of being and language.

Absolutely Relative

Thinking about absolutes is a relative thought that does not make relativity disappear.


Knowledge is possible but it is always, without exception, imperfect and subjective. Any claim to perfect and objective knowledge is a fallacy.


Things do not have a function but are given a function. Whether an object is sentient or non-sentient, function is passively given. Except in the case of will where the object is the self.

Eliminative and inclusive ontology

For a lack of a better term I am an eliminative ontologist. I am eliminative about processes, qualities and relations. Only matter exists. Atomic, or more precisely Byronic, matter, simple and complex, are the only things existential.

Processes, qualities and relations are properties of matter. Matter supervenes upon properties. Properties subvene upon matter.

Only matter has ontological status.

To remove or change the ontological status of properties allows us to deal with what matters (pun intended). Everything I do, everything I worry about involves matter, and only after that the properties of matter.

To worry about properties is to ignore instances of particular matter and its particular properties. Particulars are only what should deal with.

Reality is evidence of reality and nothing more

Reality is its own evidence. It is neither evidence of God nor of things metaphysical. A mind that believes in Platonic Forms is only evidence of a mind that believes in Platonic Forms, not of Platonic Forms as such. Reality is not evidence of God, of a Creator or creator.