Everything, without exception, is physics.

Reality is now

There is only one reality – the present. The past is a memory and the future is a prediction.

States and actions

Conventionally we talk of states and actions. But because flux is the state of reality states are in fact periods of relative non-action. That is, in contrast to all other things an object is in an action of non-action, and never fully being in a state of non-change.

State of flux

There is no state of non-flux. The unmarked state of change is a characteristic of objects. Change is conventionally called space and time. Both space and time can only be inferred from the relationship and change in relationship of objects.


Consciousness is a physical process. It is a physical process like running, but infinitely more complex. Nonetheless it is still a physical process.

Analytic and continental philosophy

To analyse is natural. To be human – emotional, compassionate, etc – is also natural, if not more. The philosopher that analyses but not see the human side of being is denying that which gave him or her philosophy to begin with. For it is with the continental tradition that we have a return to the humanity of philosophy.

False externalism

The mind is in the body. It does everything from within this body. To damage the specific part of the body called the brain is to damage the ability to think and the faculty of mind. Thus the mind is internal to the “external” reality. That is to say, what we consider as external is really a false conceptualisation. The mind is an emergent property of a living body. To be without life is to be without the property of mind. A body is a body, with or without a mind. A mind does not exist without a body. There has never been an instance of a bodiless mind, apart from the term and concept.